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Fire safety services

Significant importance of fire safety at the country level requires special attention on the part of companies acting within the Russian Federation. “Standart Group” GK offers you a specially developed range of services which covers main business needs with regard to fire safety in our country.


We render a wide range of certification services to our clients, including use of actual tests in the in-house independent laboratory for official verification of your products’ quality:

  • Compulsory certification. Execution of a compulsory fire safety certificate for the goods according to the RF Regulation.
  • Voluntary certification. Increase of confidence in the products at the consuming end even where the goods are not included in a list of the products subject to compulsory certification.
  • Fire testing. We can perform fire safety laboratory tests to verify quality of the goods; results of these tests will be recorded in the shipping documents.
  • Fire safety declaration. Declaring based on company’s data on fire properties of their products.

Fire safety services

In addition to certification, we propose a wide range of related fire safety services. Experts will define the project costs on a case-by-case basis, since this cost depends on a wide range of conditions.

  • Independent fire risk assessment. In consequence of assessment, the Conclusion on independent fire risk assessment will be issued which will be valid no more than three years.
  • Determination of the premises’ fire safety category. Assigned category is recorded in the design documentation and influences the space planning.
  • Development of design documentation for fire-fighting systems.
  • Development of STR (Special Technical Regulations) with regard to the fire safety ensuring. Special Technical Regulations for fire safety are in a great demand for outsized objects or construction solutions.
  • Elaboration of measures to ensure the fire safety. We design early alarm systems and automated fire extinguishing systems, as well as fire retardation systems and a smoke stack. Assistance in regulatory assessment.
  • Development of a set of engineering and technical measures. A set of fire protection measures to increase or assure the fire safety of an object.
  • Development of a fire-fighting plan. Arrangement of a sequence of actions in case of fire including precautions against uncontrollable fire propagation.
  • Photoluminescent evacuation plans. Availability of evacuation plans will be life-saving for people who urgently leave the premises in case of fire, especially in cases if these plans will be clearly seen under any circumstances even while there is no sufficient lighting.

Fire safety calculations

The below calculations will enable to take critical decisions to assure production safety. Capability to anticipate a threat will assist in preventing catastrophe or minimize damage if it occurs upon maximum efficient use of fire-fighting systems.

All calculations are made by professionals “Standart Group” GC professionals to assure the highest possible accuracy and reliability of received data.

  • Calculation of evacuation time in case of fire.
  • Calculation of fire risk assessment.
  • Calculation of smoke duct parameters.
  • Hydraulic calculation.

Emergency situations and civil defense

Peculiarities of the present-day world predetermine the contemporary mankind problems. The risk of occurrence of a military situation, emergency situations of natural or human-made nature, including acts of terrorism or environmental catastrophes, induce us to think over safety of premises (including fire safety) from a number of angles.

We will assist in execution and development of the following documentation that can be required for premises of the enterprises according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

  • Passport and inventory of civil defense shelters.
  • Development of documentation for emergency situations and civil defense.
  • Development of antiterror passport.
  • Development of civil defense plan.
  • Development of plan for oil spillage accident elimination.
  • Development of plan to eliminate emergency situations of natural and human-made nature.

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