Execution of GOST R declaration in “Standart Group” GC

GOST R declaration is to be executed and registered within adopted in Russia GOST R national standards system developed to perform in-process control over the quality of goods and services. These standards are approved at the country level by the authority having powers to solve issues in the field of metrology, certification and standardization.

Governmental control binds to fulfill the stated requirements within standards for all types of companies, organizations and entrepreneurs acting at the Russian Federation market. The main purpose of GOST R national system lies in provision of high-quality and safe products.

Declaring is one form of examination of meeting the national standards’ requirements. Voluntary certification is one more examination form. In fact, going through this procedure and execution of certifying documentation assures fulfillment of the requirements established by state standards for the goods output norms which are binding within our country.

Peculiarities of GOST R declaration

  • This declaration is valid only within the Russian Federation. This document is provided to regulatory authorities and consumers upon the request of latter.
  • Due to specific character of declaring as the form of quality conformity confirmation, a declarant, i.e. an organization or an enterprise, shall bear full responsibility for the executed declaration.
  • Only legal entity or an individual entrepreneur shall be an applicant in the GOST R declaration of conformity.

Examination in certification authorities

Formalization of GOST R declaration and confirmation of its validity are made in the accredited certification authorities, for example, “Standart Group” GC which are entitled to register documents according to the procedure established in the RF to ensure it with legal effect.

It’s important to know that GOST R compulsory declaring for certain types of products is stipulated according to Decree No.982 dd. December 2009 of the RF Government.

Consequences of declaration execution

  • Sales growth due to growth of clients’ confidence.
  • Increase of image indicators of a company.
  • Absence of conflicts with regulatory authorities.
  • Expansion of circle of partners due to all above-mentioned factors.

According to the adopted legislation of the RF, there are several approved declaring plans, and producers may choose the optimum variant from these plans. Employees of “Standart Group” GC will always assist in making the right choice, which is primarily suitable for the customer. Nevertheless, the procedure for conformity to GOST R declaring is the same:

  • Legal entity files an application for declaring.
  • Enterprise produces a declaration which shall be registered in the certification center according to the established procedure and vested with legal force returns to the customer of procedure.

GOST R declaration form

  • Applicant’s name, legal and actual address.
  • Data on the declarant’s legal entity incorporation.
  • Name of the goods and services to execute GOST R declaration.
  • Individual number of GOST R declaration and date of its execution.
  • Ascertained data on certification authority that examines declared conformity of the goods quality and safety.

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